LONGi Smashes Solar Cell Efficiency Record with 27.30%

Longi reports a heterojunction back contact solar cell efficiency of 27.30%.
The German Institute for Solar Energy Research (ISFH) verified the new efficiency record, according to the Chinese module manufacturer.

An HBC solar cell manufactured by Longi, a Chinese solar module manufacturer, has a power conversion efficiency of 27.30%. The outcome has been verified by Germany’s Institute for Solar Energy Research (ISFH).

The previous world record, set by Longi at the end of the previous year, was surpassed by the new efficiency record, which stands at 27.09%.

At the time, Longi claimed that a novel laser graphical technique that is less expensive than traditional, high-cost photolithography methods was responsible for the outcome.

The company stated in a statement that “this substitution has effectively reduced the cost of the BC cell” and that the HBC architecture also reduces the need for conventional transparent conductive oxide (ITO) based on indium.

“This innovation has accelerated the commercialization of HBC solar cells, which offer cost-effectiveness and independent intellectual property.”

A perovskite-silicon line solar cell with a power conversion efficiency of 33.9% was announced by Longi at the beginning of November.

In November 2022, it declared that, with a 26.81% efficiency rating for an unidentified heterojunction solar cell, it had the highest efficiency of silicon cells in the world.

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